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Designing tailor-made preschool curriculum

  • 1. Playgroup curriculum (for 18 months to 30 months)

    The learning experiences for this age group are built around their natural curiosities and willingness to explore the world around them. While designing this curriculum, our focus is on creating a warm and stimulating environment with emphasis on their social and physical development.

    The curriculum focuses on:

    • Activities that help enhance gross motor skills
    • Activities that help enhance fine motor skills
    • Messy play
    • Problem solving play
    • Creative play
    • Dramatic play
  • 2. Nursery Curriculum (2 ½ years to 3 ½ years)

    Here we continue the activities that were done in playgroup, but with increasing complexities. Along with that our activities also aim to enhance the following:

    • Communication and language skills - through story-telling, library time, drama time etc.
    • Reading readiness - print awareness, letter knowledge, phonological awareness etc.
    • Writing readiness - playing with play dough, lacing, beading, tracing etc.
    • Math readiness - visual and spatial awareness, sorting, one-one correspondence, number awareness, counting etc.
    • Thinking skills - problem solving activities, role play, executive function development etc.
  • 3. Kindergarten Curriculum (3 ½ years to 4 ½ years)

    The Kindergarten children are more confident and articulate in the use of language as well as in their communication skills. Their knowledge of numbers as well as mathematical concepts are more advanced now. All this is taken into account while designing an exhaustive curriculum that will keep them entertained as well as challenged in their quest for knowledge.