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Designing Early Childhood Teacher Training courses (ECCE) for institutions/preschools.

We at The Uno Group realized very early on that teaching the 21st century children will need skills beyond what is currently available.

To help the children adapt to a new world order, the teachers would need to be skilled enough to guide them.

And this lead us to venture into the field of Teacher Training as early on as 2010. Since then we have designed exhaustive Early Childhood Education (ECCE) Certificate Courses for various institutions and preschools that have then made it a part of their repertoire.

The Uno Group offers complete turnkey solutions for running an in house Early Childhood Education Certificate Course.

This includes:

  • An ECCE textbook (soft copy only)
  • Lesson plans on how to teach each chapter (for the instructor)
  • Workshops to be conducted as part of the course (with details on how to conduct each workshop)
  • Internship details (timings, topics etc.)
  • Submission topics
  • Internal assessment patterns
  • Assessment papers for exams